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When a Father is not in the Home, you jeopardize the whole Family.

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At Men Who Care, Inc.we recognize the misuse of the system as it pertains to the best interest of the child or children.  At no point in life should a father be held captive from his children for financial reasons.  As the statistical data shows it only hurts the child. 
The First thing a caring father must do is pay your child support if you have the ability.  By not paying you only hurt the child and your rights as a parent.  When you pay you have the right to order the courts to provide you with your childs whereabouts and if you haven't had any trouble with the care of the child, you can set a court hearing as to why you are not allowed to see or be an integral part of your child's life.  There are laws that protect you, however you must act on this immediately.  You are still a father with or without money.  Money can't buy or replace love and protection.  After all a father isn't just a check he's a protector, provider and  diciplinarian when needed.  But most of all he's Love.
The Second thing a caring father must do is, make every legal attempt to see your child or children.  We stress the word legal, this means any attempt to see your child should be in a public setting and if that includes calling the authorities; then use them as an escort to the school, the other parties home if this is were your children reside.  Calling - When you call you may want to have a third party on the line i.e. your pastor, a social sevice representative.  You may have to go as far as  to monitoring conversations with a recording device.  (if using a recording device beware of local laws)  We stress, making sure you do things the right way.

The Third thing and most important thing a caring father must do is, make sure that the "child knows beyond a shadow of a doubt you love them."  And that by no means have you abandoned him or her.

This may be the hardest thing to do, with the obstacles you are facing.  However, it can be done and must be done for the sake of your child!  This will separate a daddy from a caring and loving father.

No, the courts aren't going to be your friend, however there are laws and you must fight for them to be enforced and equally applied.  We know the alternative and its not good for your child, mentally, physically or emotionally.  Be there for your child.